Este proyecto está financiado por las Ayudas EEA Grants del Programa “Diversidad Cultural e intercambio Cultural” dirigido por la Embajada de Noruega en España. Categoría 2 para el apoyo a la movilidad de artistas.

“El Intercambio”  fue entre artistas españoles y noruegos de PAO en el Estudio ANX de Oslo, Noruega, donde durante diez días desde el 28 de marzo al 7 de abril del 2014. El Intercambio consistió en una residencia artística donde todos los artistas colaboraron conjuntamente, por parejas –un español y un noruego-, y al final ese resultado se presentó en un evento con los performances.

La esencia del proyecto estaba focalizada en compartir diferentes puntos de vista –en todos los aspectos: artísticos, sociales y culturales-, colaborando en parejas de diferentes bagajes, empezando de cero, trabajando en proceso y creando juntos algo nuevo. Fue muy importante no sólo para los artistas sino también para el entorno donde se realizó.

Esta experiencia genera reflexión sobre el arte como herramienta y como lenguaje universal dirigido a eliminar prejuicios y, al final mostrando las ideas y el trabajo delante del público. El arte en vivo se alimenta del resto de las disciplinas artísticas, pero también abraza y está conectado con la propia vida y lo cotidiano.

This Project is supported by the EEA Grants within the programme «Cultural diversity and Cultural Exchange» managed by The Royal Norwegian Embassy to Spain.

Category 2: Support to individuals for cultural mobility.

The Exchange was with Spanish artists and artists from Performance art Oslo (PAO) at Atelier Nord ANX in Oslo, Norway, for ten days in the spring of 2014 (28th March to 7th April). The Exchange consisted in an art residency where Spanish and Norwegian artists collaborated all together, working in couples –one Spanish and one Norwegian-, ending with a final presentation of the performances.

The real essence of this project is focused in sharing different views -in all aspects, artistic, social and cultural ones-, collaborating in couples from different backgrounds, starting without any clue, working in progress and creating something new together. It is very important, not just for the artists also for the community where we will do the exchange. This experience generates a reflection about Art as a tool and universal language in order to solving prejudices and, in the end, showing the ideas and the work in front to the audience.

Live art is feeding by all the rest of art disciplines, but also is embracing and very connected with Life and everyday Life.

ARTISTAS / ARTISTS: Ana Matey(Madrid), Domix Garrido (Murcia), Sergio Muro (Zaragoza), Isabel León (Granada), Franzisca Siegrist, INGER-REIDUN OLSEN, SUSANNE IRENE FJØRTOFT, IDA GRIMSGAARD (Norway).

PAO: www.performanceartoslo.no

EEA Grant: www.eeagrants.org

Visit from the Spanish ambassador — en Atelier Nord ANX.



Ida Grimsgaard(idagrim@gmail.com)

Born in Norway. Ida Grimsgaardgother B.A. in scenography at NorwegianTheatreAcademy in Fredrikstad, Norway. With a backgroundfrom fine art she has exhibited and performedherwork at differentfestivalsaroundEurope. Ida isbased in Oslo, Norway.

She’sexploringthecoincidencesthatappearbybeingpresent. Investigatingthepossibility in animatingdifferentobjects/materials. Anattempttotransformthephysicalpresentfromthe human intoanobject. Workingwithmaterialseither as theperformeritself, or as costume – a part of theperformer. Thebody and itsphysicalityisthestartingpoint of herwork.


The starting point for this one week of exchange is a challenging and interesting task – getting to know another artists practice and being involved in his/hers way of creating. How to create an equal collaboration? I see collaboration as a way of balancing. There should be curiosity, openness and a wish to understand each other. In the proses of getting to know another person you also realize several things about yourself. It suddenly gets clear to you what you enjoy and were you put your focus. What you find interesting and perhaps also what you don’t find important. So collaboration is suddenly not only about getting to know someone else, it is also a possibility to learn more about yourself.

Although we worked in duos, this specific exchange became unique because of the eight people involved. You were all the time surrounded by creation and a nerve appearing from a group in constant search to find and understand each other. The curiosity about new people gave our process a new layer of desire.

In a good collaboration you look on the unique qualities that the different involved parties can contribute with. How these elements can work together and cause a new quality not possible without the influence of the different parties. Like the creation of a baby – the parents are melting their DNA together to create a new human being. The baby is not its mother neither his father. The baby is a mixture of his parents and by this, a whole new and unique human.

My partner and I have different approaches to performance art. Sergio works with confronting and provoking his audience, where I rather create images and visuals that invite the viewer to read their own experiences into it. Instead of trying to compromise our expressions we decided to use our contrasts. Our differences became both the biggest challenge and also inspiration in our process. When I look at the end result of this exchange I feel happy to see that what was created could only appear in this specific collaboration – and that the final piece is a result of us. Even though our ideas are not the same and our expressions are different – this piece could only exist in the present of the two of us.



SERGIO MURO (sermuro@hotmail.com)

Born in Spain. Sergio Muro gothisBachelor ́s Degree in ART Historyand theOfficialMaster’s in Culture Heritage Management at University of Saragossa. In hisstage in England and Ireland He gained a Master’s in ArtsManagement at BirkbeckUniversityCollege of London, a Cambridge GraphicDesignerat City Lit in London and the Cambridge FirstCertificate in Dublin.

With a backgroundfrom fine art He has exhibited and performedhiswork at differentfestivalsaroundEurope. Sergio isbased in Saragossa, Spain.

Hedoescreative and art workshops in different places. He has gotondisplayhiswork in more than 40 solo and collective exhibitions. I waschosenby EU topaintmurals in YouthontheMove EU Project in Saragossa and AULA FAIR in IFEMA –Madrid-.

He has gotseveralGrants (USA, Spain, France, Norway)and Awards (performance and art management).

He has Createeventsforcomissionsand featuringfor FNAC, Casa de las Culturas, Renoir, IAF/ Zaragoza Activa, CERAI and forTheBid of SaragossaEuropean Culture City in 2016.

As well Hewaspresenter of the International Film Festival ECOZINE, SlamPoetry ZGZ, 22xD. Luis Calanda Film Festival, RecycledPlanet Film. Currently He isrunning a Performance-Show “ColdMeat” in Theatres. Co-Director (with Juan Escós) of the International Performance Festival Out of Mind.


From the very beginning of our artistic residence we had a nice dinner with typical food from our countries all together. I think it is the best way to start for knowing other culture and each other. In this case we generate a cosy atmosphere and making a natural meeting, chatting about everything and trusting ourselves.First, we introduced our materials that we usually work with.After this, Ida and me, we were chosen by random to become an artistic couple for doing a performance. Before to all of this, each artist presented the artistic statement with some pictures about individual’s performances.

It was really a very fulfil experience, because the atmosphere was always very amazing, we were all of us very receptive to learn from the others, to sharing ideas, objects and time. We enriched each other, we went one step ahead of our creative process and we try different ways of thinking. The space, Atelier Nord ANX was perfect, and the organization by PAO quite good. All of them were involved in the project and they made a real effort. The city, Oslo, impressed me a lot, full of cultural activities, sculptures, contemporary art, a lot of cultural facilities and big support in Arts and very attractive city. I enjoyed so much with all my colleges, but I have got closer to DomixGarrido because we were roommates and we did several performances in the street of Oslo.

Ida, my artistic partner has an interesting point of view about how to do a performance, she has a great experience in the university as student and as well as artist. She is a bit different of me, so we met in the middle, and we created a performance with some of the concepts of both, but the most important thing, we created something new. The real important thing was the work in progress, with magic moments and very lucid ideas.

From the very beginning the conversation was fluent and we found quite soon the theme of our performance together: DREAMS vs REALITY, and we confront the two styles, because She prefers to hide herself (in objects) to express the idea, and for me I like more to provoke the audience directly, talking and being in touch with them, breaking the edge of the individual space. As well, we wanted to get the same goal, to achieve Human being´s dreams, but she rather to encourage people to get this target by supporting them, but in my case it was instead of this, I prefer to criticize them and to make trouble, because in the end, there are too many obstacles in our lives and in ourselves to get our dreams, and we do not have to justify if we can not achieve them. Just trying hard and do our best.